Unlocking working capital

Immediate payment, supplier self-service, ESG-inclusion, engaged suppliers

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A network of corporate buyers and suppliers

InvoiceNxt is a network that connects large corporates with the suppliers. And also lenders. It is not just a platform but your business lifeline that unlocks working capital using existing data, embedded finance and intelligent process automation.

Early payment with a single click

InvoiceNxt encourages suppliers to request early payment of their invoice with a single click, always against a fair discount. Everybody wins: The supplier has certainty to be paid immediately, sometimes within minutes, and buyers benefit from additional discounts. The entire process is 100% automated, regardless of whether early payment comes from the corporate buyer’s balance sheet or from a third party-lender. Only with InvoiceNxt, all supplier invoices can be paid early, regardless of the invoice amount as there are no humans in the loop. The new normal: Immediate payment of supplier invoices.

Digitizing the entire supply chain from RFQ to payments

InvoiceNxt completes the digitization in the supply chain of large corporates with thousands of suppliers and millions of transactions, eliminating manual eorts of procurement and accounts payables by leveraging already existing data.

Implementing ESG-inclusion

With InvoiceNxt, corporate buyers can continuously encourage, measure, and incentivize the supply chain’s contribution to the implementation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-concepts across entire supply chains. Any alignment (e.g carbon footprint reduction) lead to a quantifiable cash-based bonus for the supplier at no expense for the corporate buyer.

Supplier engagement

InvoiceNxt is designed to engage all suppliers, every day. Mobile device-integration, unparalleled access to valuable information about all aspects of all business transactions, simple one-click early invoice payment-options, and InvoiceNxt dedicated onboarding- and outreach teams will keep suppliers engaged. A supplier’s business without InvoiceNxt is incomplete.

Unlock the value tied up in your supply chain.

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Win-Win for suppliers and corporate buyers

InvoiceNxt is connected to corporate’s ERP-systems within less than 1 day and does not require any local hardware, administration, or maintenance efforts. However, by giving suppliers direct access to already existing information, InvoiceNxt will reduce costly and error-prone manual work in the corporate buyer’s procurement and accounts payable department from day one.  

The processes for suppliers and buyers can remain unchanged, however, the platform offers the possibility to create “perfect” invoices, e.g. by “flipping” purchase orders into invoices using the PO-unit price and good receipt-quantity.

With InvoiceNxt, the supplier can actively manage the cashflow and, if needed, request early payment with a single click. Effectively, many suppliers will for the first time have uncomplicated and fast access to working capital at fair terms.

SAP-certified (ECC & S4/HANA
Encrypted in transit & at rest
SOC2 & SOC3 compliant
Secure one way-connection
Regular penetration tests
PDPR & GDPR compliant

About us

Headquartered in Singapore, Verticys integrates more than 20 years of passionate efforts to digitize and fully automate the P2P-processes of large corporates and our own experiences as a supplier looking for solutions to increase cash-flow predictability and omit unforeseen capital gaps.

InvoiceNxt uses digitization to completely automate the entire procure-to-pay-process to allow faster payment for every invoice of any amount to every supplier.

We envision a world in which suppliers are paid instantly, in which working capital becomes easily available to companies of all sizes and in all markets while ensuring fair terms that benefit SME-suppliers as much as corporate buyers.

Our team

Volkmar Ahrens
Co-founder CEO

Thought leader with 20 years’ experience as a subject matter expert in supply chain and business process automation for multinational corporations and financial shares service centres, driving strategy, and bringing ideas to life at Verticys. His experience in building and running an Asian business out of Singapore helped him to understand the need to “democratize” access to working capital.

Pooja Dargan
Co-founder CMO

Sales & Marketing professional with years of experience in finance processes. She has spent her formative years in advertising and agency development for new project launches, leading the creatives and media planning, with a proven track record in developing long-term communication and business development market strategy for one of India's biggest conglomerate’s brand.

Kevin Yu
Co-founder CTO

Kevin enjoys solving real-life problems with technology. He has been working for many years with various industry focus’ providing cloud-based solutions to automate processes such as AP-processing and e-Invoicing. Well equipped with the best of latest technologies can offer he tackles some long-standing challenges that suppliers, corporate buyers and lenders have been facing, especially in emerging markets.  

Vikas Gambhir
Director Verticys India

Vikas brings 22 years of experience working across multiple leadership roles in shared services-centers for multinational organizations. Especially leveraging his extensive experience in building a global financial hub centre for a fortune 500 lister, he will help Verticys to build world-class onboarding- and outreach teams for all English-speaking markets. Vikas's energy, people skills is combined with deep passion towards Verticys' mission to create "Asia’s largest digital supplier network" working with the world’s best corporates.

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